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View of street lined with trees in West Hampstead of London

Is parking on the pavement illegal? The truth explained

Feeling tired and need to stop for a short break, or perhaps you need to quickly make a phone call…

The top 5 Highway Code rules that leave drivers confused

Ever been confused by a driving law or Highway Code rule? Well you’re not alone as there’s a bunch of…

Parking on yellow lines – what you can and can’t do

It can get confusing when trying to understand where you can and can’t park, especially on road markings such as…

Speeding fines – the 5 most common speeding myths

There are a large amount of speeding myths out there, whether they’re to do with finding loopholes to avoid a…

Busy street with pedestrians, taxis and a cyclist

Cycling on the road – The rights that you didn’t know cyclists have

It can be dangerous on the road for cyclists. In 2018, 99 pedal cyclists were killed, 4,106 seriously injured and…

Line of suburb homes each with a car parked in the driveway

Is parking across a driveway illegal? The definitive answer

Finding a parking space can sometimes feel like “survival of the fittest”, leading to your regular parking spot being taken…

Careless driver using a mobile phone whilst driving

10 times you didn’t know you were committing a driving offence

A large portion of driving offences are widely known and clearly defined, such as drink driving, speeding and using your…

an image of car


It’s all too easy to do it…a text or call comes in, and even the best drivers amongst us have…

an image of car


The BBC reported that this week, police forces across England and Wales will be conducting a week-long crackdown on road users found…

an image of car

RED support new smoke free car legislation

From today, 1st October 2015, it is illegal to smoke in a car carrying children and young people under the age…

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