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RED Driving School Christmas Clio

12 Days of Christmas for Learners, New Drivers and Car Lovers

As the festive season approaches and we nervously scratch our heads for present ideas, we thought we would provide inspiration…

ian arrowsmith

You did what?! 10 of the funniest reasons for failing your driving test

Driving tests are notoriously stressful, and sometimes circumstances mean that even the most competent drivers can fail their first attempt….

car driving in the scottish highlands

Life after driving lessons: the UK’s best road trips

You’ve put in the hours and passed your driving test, so what better way to celebrate than with a road…

woman swapping lplate for pplate

Driving tests around the world

The UK driving test has recently come under scrutiny for not being tough enough. With more than a fifth of…

RED parking game


Are you suffering from holiday boredom? We thought we would take the opportunity to highlight our retro RED Driving School Games for any…

red bull can

Top non-alcoholic drinks for a summer BBQ!

When you’ve successfully passed your driving test for the summer, you have a world of opportunities and loads of new…

an image of car

RED’s favourite driving tunes – but do you agree?

Dedication to in car music – When you think of taking your summer holiday in the UK, what comes…

RED parking game

RED Driving School Games!

Well, it’s Wednesday and we’re half way through the working week already! To keep you going through the second half of…

Ten worst cities for driving infographic

The Ten Worst Cities for Driving Lessons

Anyone taking driving lessons in London?  If you are, we think you might have it harder than most. According to…

paper cut out snowflake

Driving home for Christmas

We’ve all heard the classic song “driving home for Christmas”. We’d like to hear from you; what songs will you…

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