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RED support new smoke free car legislation

From today, 1st October 2015, it is illegal to smoke in a car carrying children and young people under the age…

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Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit

Scotland plans to lower its drink-driving limit in time for Christmas, advising motorists not to get behind the wheel if…

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Drug Drivers Need to Think Again

Brake, the road safety charity, have released some alarming statistics on drug driving that suggest as many as one million…

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Female drivers penalized under EU law

Although our customers’ main objective is to gain their driving licence, here at RED, we are developing our training methods to enhance…

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Could you be facing driving restrictions?

Currently, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is proposing that young people should spend at least a year learning to drive. The…

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Could there be changes in the driving licence rules for young drivers?

There is a campaign by the road safety charity, Brake, who is pushing for a radical change in the way young…

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Car Sidelights: What are the Driving Rules and Regulations?

When we hear the term ‘sidelights’, most drivers will automatically think of the small / dim lights on the front…

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Government takes action against drug drivers

Alcohol and drugs contribute to the shocking figures I mentioned in my first blog post on road safety. We are…

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