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Speed Limits on UK Roads

Being confident on speed limits for different road types can ensure safe driving and reduce the risk of getting a…

Learning to drive during lockdown – how to keep your skills sharp without lessons

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School, shares his top tips for learner drivers keen to brush up on their…

Theory test on computer

Hazard perception test ‘crucial to road safety’

Road Safety Week, which runs from 17 – 23 November, is held every year to raise awareness of death and…


Theory test tips: What is a hazard?

Part of your theory test is identifying hazards on a simulated driving environment. During the test you’ll use your mouse…

Stephen Hammond

Driving Theory test price drop

The news may come as an annoyance to those of you who recently forked out for your theory test, however…

Cyclist hazard perception

Failing learners need Theory Test support

Passing the DVSA theory and hazard perception test is a vital step for all learners. To pass, learners must be…

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Download your copy of the Theory Test Guide

You can now download an interactive theory test guide for just £9.99.  This guide, written by the DSA, is designed…

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RED Driving School’s top tips for revising for your theory test

Photo by dbrooker1 Despite the cold, frosty evenings, there’s no doubt that spring is on the way.  With daffodils blooming…