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Driving in stormy weather conditions

The past few weeks have brought with it extreme weather conditions, with weather warnings consequently issued for strong winds, ice,…

Changes to the Highway Code: what to look out for and why they’re a good thing for our vulnerable road users

The Highway Code has changed significantly over the past week, leaving many road users confused about the new rules –…


A Beginners Guide to MOT

As a learner or new driver, you’ve probably heard of an MOT, but research shows that as many as 59% of Britons are confused…

The true cost of buying part worn tyres

The pandemic has left many of us feeling cash strapped, and this presents its own set of challenges when it…

Tyre labelling: what you should know about recent changes to regulation

What are car tyre labels and what do they mean? Car tyre labels are required by a regulation that was…

man with santa hat leaning out of car window giving thumbs up

Tips on driving home for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and while it might feel different to previous years, many of us have started…

Careless driver using a mobile phone whilst driving

10 times you didn’t know you were committing a driving offence

A large portion of driving offences are widely known and clearly defined, such as drink driving, speeding and using your…

Speed limit sign on rural road with car

5 times you didn’t know you were breaking the speed limit

Have you ever thought you were driving comfortably inside of the speed limit only to look at your speedometer and…

Driving a car on the freeway. Overtaking car.

Do you know the stopping distance of your car?

Knowing the stopping distance of your car can be tricky, especially with all of the factors to take into account….

Yellow and black pedestrian crossing button

5 times you didn’t know that pedestrians have right of way

With so many rules to learn, it’s sometimes no wonder that motorists get it wrong. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable…

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