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Skid Pan Training Course

Learn all the skills of winter driving and skid control at our own skid pan driver training centre at the spectacular Donington Park race circuit.

Improve your driving with our skid pan training course

Whether you’re driving for business or pleasure, Britain’s inclement weather means that most drivers will at some stage find themselves in a situation where the car is likely to break traction and skid. Our uniquely enjoyable skid control experience teaches valuable driving skills in a risk-free environment and we’re confident you’ll leave Donington Park a better, safer, road user.

Following a short safety briefing, you will venture to our skid pan area for a skid car experience based on a hydraulic skid frame built specially for the purpose. You’ll understand about what actually makes a car skid and experience the feeling of loss of car control on ice and water and then, most importantly, you’ll learn how to react quickly to put you back in control!

What to expect

What happens during skid pan training?

On arrival you will be asked to sign an indemnity form. Your training session will usually be shared with two other drivers taking turns to drive.

Skid control car driving in action

Your 2 ½ hour experience will commence with a safety and theory briefing about how and why a car skids. This will cover the 4 common causes of a skid and provide each participant with an understanding so as to make the in-car experience more valuable.

Skid control car driving in action

After transferring to the skid car area, you will then spend up to 1 ½ hours in-car, learning from both the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, under the watchful eyes of our experienced and patient skid trainers.

Your experience may be shared with up to 2 other drivers which means that you will get around 30 minutes driving time. But during COVID-19, all of the in-car time will be on a 1:1 basis with our trainer.

Our cars are standard saloon cars with manual gearboxes.

Skid control car driving in action

You will learn about, and experience: understeer, oversteer, aquaplaning and driving in snow and on ice.

The experience will provide basic instruction on control and prevention of understeer, oversteer, weight transfer, and the correct use of throttle and brakes.

Skid control car driving in action



Our Skid Pan training is not only a brilliant way to improve your driving skills and help deal with situations where your car is likely to break traction and skid, but it’s also a very unique and enjoyable driving experience that many participate in just for leisure!

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, a Skid Pan driving experience day could be just what you’re looking for. The driving experience is 2 ½ hours long and starts by covering some safety and theory to help provide each participant with an understanding of skids, as well as making the in-car experience more valuable. You’ll then progress to the driving stage where you’ll learn from both the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, under the watchful eyes of our experienced and patient skid trainers.

Surprise your friends or family with our exciting and educational Skid Pan driving experience day. Give us a call or click the ‘Book Now’ button to find out more or buy your Skid Pan driving experience.

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“RED’s Skid Pan driver training course is an educational must for all drivers…and you’ll also have a loads of fun!”

“Tackling a skidding car is such an amazing experience”

Participant Guidelines

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Minimum age: 17 years old

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Height, Weight and Health

Minimum height: 5ft
Maximum height: 6ft 4in
Maximum weight: 18 stone
Participants should be in reasonable health

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Licence Requirements

The course is suitable for all types of drivers and because it’s RED owned, we’re also able to run the course for those who have still to pass their driving test.

But, if that’s the case, we insist that you are currently trained to a level where you are competent with car control.

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Guests are welcome but please note that ‘viewing’ of the experience may not be possible due to health & safety and other on-site activities, in which case guests will be able to wait at the reception area or use the ‘public’ café on site when open.


Our courses run throughout the year. It is recommended that you book at least four weeks in advance, as all dates are on a first come/first served basis. All bookings are subject to availability.


Cost per voucher is £115, you may buy multiple vouchers if wanted to attend as a family or group.