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EV car in motion

EVs- Are They Really Worth the Investment?

EVs are the talk of the town, but some people are questioning whether EVs really are worth the investment. The…

Changes to the Highway Code: what to look out for and why they’re a good thing for our vulnerable road users

The Highway Code has changed significantly over the past week, leaving many road users confused about the new rules –…


A Beginners Guide to MOT

As a learner or new driver, you’ve probably heard of an MOT, but research shows that as many as 59% of Britons are confused…

cars parked on road

Where You Can’t Park

Parking in unauthorised areas can be a costly and frustrating mistake. Often, it is made obvious by signs which state…


A Guide to Junctions

Junctions are an integral part of our driving journey. It is of no doubt that you will encounter many each…

Speed Limits on UK Roads

Being confident on speed limits for different road types can ensure safe driving and reduce the risk of getting a…

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