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Vital tips for driving in heavy rain and floods

As most people are probably aware, heavy rain can come out of nowhere, with little warning, and cause serious problems on the road. It can even go as far as flooding, and can really test our best practice in road safety. Although many people would have taken a theory test in order to pass the […]

Driving in strong winds

A red weather warning has been issued by the Met Office as exceptionally strong winds are expected to hit parts of the country, particularly areas in West and Northwest Wales. With gusts of up to 80mph and possibly 100mph expected, it is important to be prepared for these conditions as sudden gusts of wind can […]

Buy our Christmas Lessons Package online and get a £10 gift voucher

We have taken the spirit of Christmas one step further! Buy RED’s ‘Christmas Gift’ Lesson Package online, and we’ll give you a £10 gift voucher to spend on future lessons!  This is in addition to the fantastic package on offer from RED: 6 for 5 on driving lessons – saving 16% FREE access to RED’s […]

Avoiding Rear-End Shunts (and Whiplash!) from RED CEO, Ian McIntosh

Following Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling’s BBC radio appearance, discussing the “compensation culture” which has grown up around British motor insurance claims. RED’s CEO, Ian McIntosh shares some tips for avoiding being a part the whiplash phenomenon. Ian has clocked plenty of miles and experience of driving, but even for the most proficient and experienced […]

The RED (and White!) driving school

Keep your eyes peeled this week for the arrival of some brand spanking new RED Driving School vehicles! Our new White Corsa instructor cars hit the roads across the UK this week. Your new RED instructor might be one of the handful of owners of the new issue colour. All you traditionalists need not worry, […]

Low cost, low risk learner driver insurance

Here at RED, we know that being taught driving skills from qualified instructors is just as important as having the opportunity to practice driving outside of tuition time. Indeed, The Driving Standards Agency recommends that in addition to the lessons with your instructor, you should also practice for at least 20 hours privately. Now, those […]

Drive safe with driveRED

So apparently it is summer but, in true British style, the rain is blessing us with its presence and, to add to this joy, heavy winds are due over the next few days. Here at RED Driving School, we want to provide you with some top tips on how to drive in adverse weather conditions […]


This time of year there is increased congestion on all types of roads; Christmas shopping, families travelling away for the holiday break, and poor weather all contribute to extra traffic on the road. Here we provide some useful tips to help you avoid the increase in journey times and frustration this can cause.

Driving home for Christmas

We’ve all heard the classic song “driving home for Christmas”. We’d like to hear from you; what songs will you be listening to this Christmas eve on your drive home? We would like to take this time to remind you to be safe and responsible when driving on the roads at this time of year, especially for […]

The winter checklist- the essential driving equipment during the cold months

Unless you’ve been living in a cocoon, you’ll be more than aware that winter has well and truly arrived. This creates its own set of problems for motorists. Although the majority of drivers won’t get stuck this winter, with the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, you never know what’s around the corner. In […]

RED Driving School  /  Winter driving