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Blue corsa car

Your first car (yay!)

Buying your first car is an exciting time but it can also be stressful and expensive too. It is important…

Driving in mud

Vital tips for driving in heavy rain and floods

As most people are probably aware, heavy rain can come out of nowhere, with little warning, and cause serious problems…

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Driving in strong winds

A red weather warning has been issued by the Met Office as exceptionally strong winds are expected to hit parts…

an image of car

Avoiding Rear-End Shunts (and Whiplash!) from RED CEO, Ian McIntosh

Following Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling’s BBC radio appearance, discussing the “compensation culture” which has grown up around British motor…

Man and woman in car looking back and smiling

Driving Abroad: What You Need and How to Get It

Driving abroad is a must for anyone who wants to break away from the tour group and explore at their…

Woman with car key and L plate

Top tips on how to stay safe when learning to drive

The Department for Transport has recently announced that, from 13th July 2012, the registrar of approved driving instructors will have the power to…


Be cycle safe with RED Driving School

Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable and at risk road users because they are less protected in the event…

an image of car

Are males better than females at parking?

There is nothing better than a good debate about the ability of male drivers compared to females. Almost everybody has…

Car driving through flood

Drive safe with driveRED

So apparently it is summer but, in true British style, the rain is blessing us with its presence and, to…



This time of year there is increased congestion on all types of roads; Christmas shopping, families travelling away for the…

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