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4 November, 2018

How to Overtake Safely

The third instalment in our new Test Tips series is now live. This video focuses on helping you to overtake safely and RED Driving Instructor Dave offers some useful tips.

Overtaking can seem scary to a learner driver and it’s very important to know what you are doing before you attempt it. Dave will talk you through how to safely overtake so you can feel confident on the roads.

The series can be found on our YouTube channel and is being featured weekly in the motoring section of the I news website.

You will also be able to find the series on our social media channels. Feel free to share the best tips and tricks you’ve found helpful using our hashtag #REDsTestTips. If you enjoy the videos, then please share them with your friends!

Overtaking can be tricky and unless you’re 100% sure I wouldn’t advise you to do it.
So here are my three top tips to overtake safely.
Watch out for oncoming vehicles and any signs that forbid you from overtaking. Remember being in a rush is not a reason to overtake.
Be decisive, make sure when you pass a vehicle there’s a plenty of room before you pull back in. Pulling back in too soon is a major cause of road rage.
Most importantly when you are overtaking don’t break the speed limit.
My top tip for overtaking is to remember:
Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it necessary?
You want to make sure you also use the MSM routine which is mirror signal manoeuvre. If you use those two together, you’ll be safe.