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4 November, 2018

Driving in Wet Weather Conditions

The final video instalment of our new Test Tips series is now live! This episode focuses on all the tips you’ll need to tackle wet weather.

The UK is famous for its wet weather and driving in these conditions requires a little more attention and care. Make sure you master driving in the rain with Dave’s Test Tips for wet weather, our final video in the series.

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We all know in the UK we get lots of rain so I’m going to give you top tips to drive safely when the downpour hits.
Make sure your wipers are working properly. The examiner can ask you to check these during the driving test on the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.
Remember in rainy conditions it’s going to take you twice as long to stop, so you need to keep a big distance between you and the vehicle in front and especially when you’re approaching pedestrian crossings.
Watch out when driving through shallow waters. You want to take it slow and steady so that you can avoid having to swerve around big puddles. So, remember, if you do drive through a big puddle you might have to check your brakes.
My top tip for keeping a distance on fast and moving roads is easy. We need to have a two second gap. So, you need to pick a fixed point, take the fixed point and say the phrase only a fool breaks the two second rule.
In wet weather we just say it twice, so that gives you a four second gap.
Watch out if its been sunny for a while and suddenly you get a shower, it could make the roads slightly greasy.