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4 February, 2013

Female drivers penalized under EU law

Female driver

Although our customers’ main objective is to gain their driving licence, here at RED, we are developing our training methods to enhance and promote safe driving. Following the December changes to EU gender equality legislation Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School commented on the situation:

“Price comparison website has recently released statistics which, as expected, reveal a dramatic increase in the cost of young female driver insurance as a result of the EU gender directive introduced in December 2012.

In the last quarter of 2012, premiums for women aged 17-20 went up 17% to an average of £1,986.

Long term statistics demonstrate that female drivers have fewer accidents than men. Here at RED, we believe that this directive will do nothing to make our roads safer, and know that the high cost of insurance is one of the main factors in preventing people from getting on the road.”

Ian McIntosh

Enhancing road safety by teaching safe driving skills is fundamental to RED’s business ethos. With our training we aim to equip drivers, both male and female to be the safest drivers they can be once they complete their training with RED Driving School.

Women’s car insurance from

“Rewarding safer driving with lower insurance premiums is one way to encourage road safety, along with education and more rigorous training. We believe that it is only through quality tuition and greater education on safe driving practices that our roads will be safer.”