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1 June, 2011

Could there be changes in the driving licence rules for young drivers?

There is a campaign by the road safety charity, Brake, who is pushing for a radical change in the way young people learn to drive and get their driving licences.  The Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme is suggested as a way to improve road safety among young drivers.

The proposed changes mean that the learner drivers would need to have a minimum of one year learning to drive before they are allowed to take any driving tests.  Once they pass their driving tests, they will have a restricted “novice” licence for two years before they receive their full licence.

Driving licence application form

Photo by Still Burning

The restricted licence will mean that new learners:

  • Will not be allowed to drive between 11pm and 6am
  • Will have a zero alcohol limit
  • Will be banned from driving on a motorway for the first year after passing
  • Will be required to pass a second test at the end of the first two years to get their full driving licence
  • Will be restricted in carrying young passengers

Research has shown that one quarter of all road accidents are caused by young drivers, one in five young drivers will crash within six months of passing their driving test, and every year over 3,300 young people are killed or suffer serious, life affecting injuries.  It is felt that the proposed changes to the process of learning to drive will ultimately save lives and make roads safer.

Here at RED we’re interested in how these proposed changes could affect young drivers; share your thoughts here, or on Facebook.