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an image of car

Avoiding Rear-End Shunts (and Whiplash!) from RED CEO, Ian McIntosh

Following Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling’s BBC radio appearance, discussing the “compensation culture” which has grown up around British motor…

GTA infographic

GTA V inspired graphic hits the road

Because so many of our learners (young and old) are fans, what  better way to reach them than with a…

UK's most dangerous urban areas infographic

UK’s most dangerous urban areas for drivers

Are you an urban driver? Do you consider your area safe? Compare your city to the most dangerous places in…

Tiff Needell and Harry leaning on RED car bonnet

Like Tiff, like Son

Tiff Needell is Britain’s favourite automotive expert: racer, TV presenter, editor and dad. Depending how much you love cars, you…

RDS White cars

The RED (and White!) driving school

Keep your eyes peeled this week for the arrival of some brand spanking new RED Driving School vehicles! Our new White…

Road signs Get REDdy to make sense of road signs

Recently RED Driving School have partnered up with comparison site to produce this wonderful infographic, the first of a few designed…

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