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4 April, 2014

We’ve been busy…

Make it happen

Over the past 6 months, here at RED Driving School we’ve been finding out more than ever before about our pupils and training pipeline. We asked over 1000 of our students, and just as many of our potential instructors what they thought, and how they felt about their experience with RED.

This is part of our drive to know what works for you, and what doesn’t. Did you know that 20% of our instructors are female?…Or that our instructors overwhelmingly came to us for three reasons:

Job satisfaction, flexibility, wanting to help others

Over 60% of respondents said that the flexibility of an instructor job with RED was one of their top reasons for joining us.

Thinking of learning to drive with RED?

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We think we provide a pretty good service here at RED, and we’re pleased you do too.

Another finding we’re pleased to hear is that RED learners have a fantastic 64% first-time pass rate, passing in less time than the average UK learner driver (according to the DVSA, formerly DSA).

One ingredient for success was RED’s Road Brain Trainer – as many as 70% of you see it as crucial to your success. Those who used the Road Brain trainer modules found passing easier than students not using Brain trainer.

For information about RED’s Road Brain Trainer, and to start learning with us – Find out more here

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