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4 March, 2014

Jay Camilleri learns to drive with RED

Jay Camilleri with RED driving school car

Jay Camilleri, star of Channel 4’s Dirty, Sexy, Things has started learning to drive with RED Driving School. The 23-year-old model had his first driving lesson on Friday, after a previous 18 month driving ban due to an accident whilst he was learning to drive.

Jay has abstained from driving for three years, and is now ready to get back on the roads with one of RED’s trusted driving instructors. “I am so excited to be back behind a wheel. My accident made me realise just how dangerous the roads can be and how important it is to pay attention and drive carefully at all times” said Jay.

“I had a great first lesson and my RED driving instructor was ace at easing me back in to the swing of things. I’m looking forward to passing so I can get around easily but will drive safely from now on. Bring on lesson number two!’

RED Driving School will be working with Jay to help him pass his driving test and acquire his full driving license.

For more information about learning, and to arrange your first lessons with RED, visit the learner’s section of our website – Learn to drive with RED