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1 July, 2011

Top non-alcoholic drinks for a summer BBQ!

When you’ve successfully passed your driving test for the summer, you have a world of opportunities and loads of new places to explore.  During the summer, no doubt you’ll be visiting one or two Barbeques and if you’ve driven there, won’t be able to enjoy a cold beer with people who are not driving.  So we have written up a list of some top non-alcoholic beverages that you could enjoy as a refreshing substitute.

Red bull can

Picture by Kincuri

  1. Red Bull
  2. Coca Cola
  3. Lemonade
  4. Fruit juice
  5. Lime and soda
  6. Root beer
  7. J2O
  8. Kopparberg (non alcoholic)
  9. Shloer
  10. Sparkling water

You could also make your own non-alcoholic cocktails, take a look at the drinkaware website which provides videos and recipes for some unusual and tasty drinks! Share your ideas with us by making a comment below, or visiting our Facebook page.