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Drive with Red

Wellbeing online profiler and personal development

An innovate and cost-efficient tool for assessing and improving the resilience and wellbeing of individuals and groups within any business or enterprise.

We’ve created a flexible and inexpensive Wellbeing profiler and programme which takes just 10 minutes to complete and which provides instant feedback to users. That allows further targeted further training to those that can benefit most.

This innovative tool consists of a set of 58 validated questions which the user answers online to create an individual resiliency score which forms the basis of the users wellbeing profile which helps to establish the user’s potential to function (at work, at home or in a social context) at their optimum level and identify factors which might be preventing them from doing so. For example, the Wellbeing profiler will accurately report on the user’s:

  • Resilience
  • Response to stress
  • Anxiety
  • Ability to relax/sleep
  • Self-esteem
  • Control
  • Self-management, and so on

Users are encouraged to complete their Wellbeing profile monthly and by doing so they can see progress over time. Advice and tips are provided to users upon every completion and this too is stored in their individual profile for future review as required.

From a group/corporate perspective the results can be reported via a live, online, password protected Data Management portal which, if required, can be used to highlight those users that may require additional training or assistance and importantly, in which area.