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RED’s Perfect Instructor Survey Winners

Ready to hit the road? As part of RED’s Get Road REDdy Campaign, we’re on a mission to encourage road safety among our learners – and what better way than to start from the beginning. What do learners need from their instructors? Over the month of February, we encouraged our students to take a survey […]

Congratulations to Navdeep Pandher!

In 2012 Navdeep Pandher, then 18, became a national first whilst learning with RED driving school. He became the first person to pass his test in an electric car, after training with instructor Anthony Fuller, Navdeep passed first time. Navdeep passed his test in a Vauxhall Ampera, the UK’s first long-distance electric car. Now 19, […]

10 Steps to Pass YOUR Test – Step 9: Revisit, Repeat, Revise

We continue our 10 steps series with step 9, revisiting, revising and revising. As soon as you’ve completed your mock practical test (see step 8), quiz your mock examiner in as much detail as possible and list your faults accordingly. Better still, ask them for a copy of the mock test paper itself. The results […]

Driving lessons of the Future

2012 will be remembered for a number of firsts: first sub-37-second relay, first song to be played on Mars, first person to pass a driving test in an electric car… OK, so the last of those didn’t get quite the same coverage, but it was an important development nonetheless. Navdeep Pandher, a teenager from Hull, […]

In the RED driving seat: Stuart Sharp

In the RED driving seat this month is North East based driving instructor Stuart Sharp. • In your opinion, what is the most difficult element of the practical driving test? I think the most difficult element of the practical driving test is the students’ ability to deal with nerves on the day, from the practice […]

Could you be facing driving restrictions?

Currently, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is proposing that young people should spend at least a year learning to drive. The ABI also wants a lower alcohol limit for new drivers and a ban on intensive courses as the only method of learning. So, what does RED think?

Low cost, low risk learner driver insurance

Here at RED, we know that being taught driving skills from qualified instructors is just as important as having the opportunity to practice driving outside of tuition time. Indeed, The Driving Standards Agency recommends that in addition to the lessons with your instructor, you should also practice for at least 20 hours privately. Now, those […]

Learn to drive and stick to it!

Our CEO tells us why learning to drive is essential even when times are tough… Recent statistics released by The Department for Transport reveal nearly a 10 per cent fall in people taking their driving test. In the 17-24 age group, just under 320,000 took their test between 2011 and 2012, a fall of nearly […]

Fuel or fun? We know what we’d prefer to spend our money on!

Nowadays, it feels like we find ourselves at the petrol station more times than we want to. Read our tips below on how to make your fuel last as long as possible. There are only a number of times when the bank of Mum and Dad can help you out before realising that you must […]

10 Steps to Pass YOUR Test – Step 8: Complete your Mock Test

We continue our 10 steps series with step 8, complete your mock test.

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