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It’s difficult to know what to expect from your driving lessons until you start, but if you want to get an idea, read on as The Daily Telegraph’s Jonny Cooper tells all…  Relying on a combination of public transport in London and lifts from his parents and later friends, journalist Johnny had had no real […]

Tips on Driving in Ice and Snow

After a mild start to the winter, the temperature has plummeted sharply, bringing with it a risk of ice and even snow. It is important to be prepared for these conditions as slippery road surfaces can catch even the most experienced driver off guard. It is always best to avoid travelling in such conditions but […]

‘I’d love to teach Bradley Cooper how to drive!’

What we want to be when we grow up often changes as we make the transition from teenager to adult. The dreams of becoming an ‘astronaut’, ‘rock star’ or ‘jet pilot’ are usually long gone, replaced with something else we discover along the way. But not for 24-year-old Demi Gamba, who knew from an early […]

Lewis Hamilton, eat your heart out

We took RED’s winning driving instructors to the streets of Monaco to test drive the new Vauxhall Corsa. Strap in and check out our teaser video below!

Vote for your instructor and win a £100 voucher!

Car lovers will no doubt have heard about the launch of the new Vauxhall Corsa. To celebrate, we’re offering our driving instructors the chance to fly to Monaco and see it for themselves. The trip will include a test drive of the new car, a stay in a top hotel, a gala dinner and, of […]

Driving test tips & tricks from Dave

RED instructor Dave Childs, who has been with RED Driving School for 15 years has given us his top tips on learning the skills needed to pass the driving test and how to stay calm on your test day. When the day comes to take your driving test, it can feel pretty daunting to apply hours and […]

RED’s Perfect Instructor Survey Winners

Ready to hit the road? As part of RED’s Get Road REDdy Campaign, we’re on a mission to encourage road safety among our learners – and what better way than to start from the beginning. What do learners need from their instructors? Over the month of February, we encouraged our students to take a survey […]

What makes the perfect driving instructor?

Are you a student currently learning to drive at RED Driving School? As part of our Get Road REDdy campaign, we want to know what YOU think makes the Perfect Instructor. Tell us what makes the Perfect Instructor by filling out our survey today. Your driving ability and therefore your ability to pass the driving test can […]

RED Driving School instructor featured on ITV News

Is owning and driving a car considered a necessity or a luxury? We’re all aware of the costs that are involved with tax, insurance and petrol, but the ability to drive is still an essential skill that we all need to live our lives. ITV News recently revealed that the number of people taking driving tests […]

And the Free course winner is… John Moulding!

The winner of the RED Driving School’s Free Course Fees competition is John Moulding, currently working in IT with Leicester Police. He had been feeling an arresting desire to be his own boss, wanted more flexibile hours and to give something back to the community. Congratulations John! “I’ve been thinking about changing my career for […]

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