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Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit

Scotland plans to lower its drink-driving limit in time for Christmas, advising motorists not to get behind the wheel if they have consumed any alcohol at all. The legal limit being slashed from 80mg of alcohol to 50mg in every 100ml of blood means that even a small glass of wine or single pint of […]

France’s new breathalyser legislation: should the UK follow suit?

Ian McIntosh, RED’s chief exec, provides his thoughts on the new ruling. Every year, 4,000 people are killed on the roads in France and one of the major causes for this is drink driving accidents. According to road security authorities, alcohol has been the main cause for mortality on roads since 2006, and a third […]

New Years Eve

Tonight, people will be heading out to celebrate the New Year. RED Driving School would like to take this opportunity to remind you to think carefully. Don’t drink and drive! There is no way to know your tolerance to alcohol as this can be affected by so many factors; including your age, weight, gender, metabolism, […]

Government takes action against drug drivers

Alcohol and drugs contribute to the shocking figures I mentioned in my first blog post on road safety. We are anticipating a government announcement today that they plan to install a device at every police station across the country within two years, which can detect if motorists have been driving with illegal drugs in their […]

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