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Vital tips for driving in heavy rain and floods

As most people are probably aware, heavy rain can come out of nowhere, with little warning, and cause serious problems on the road. It can even go as far as flooding, and can really test our best practice in road safety. Although many people would have taken a theory test in order to pass the […]

Could road tax be facing the axe?

Currently, cars on UK roads pay a tax based on their carbon emissions. So what happens when the UK population becomes increasingly more carbon conscious and electric cars (which are not accountable for road tax) become more popular?

Are males better than females at parking?

There is nothing better than a good debate about the ability of male drivers compared to females. Almost everybody has an opinion on this and one mayor in Black Forest town of Triberg, in Germany, has gone one step further in the debate and has designated car parking spaces in his town specifically for males […]

Winter Driving – Is Your Car Ready for the Winter Weather?

We don’t want to admit it, but winter is fast approaching. Your car has a lot to endure during winter months – cold weather, slippery roads, salt and sand on the streets. Make sure you read our guide to ensure your car is well maintained and you’re well prepared before setting off in the car […]

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