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Car Sidelights: What are the Driving Rules and Regulations?

When we hear the term ‘sidelights’, most drivers will automatically think of the small / dim lights on the front of the vehicle. However, this term also includes the rear number plate light. In some cars, these lights come on automatically when the engine is switched on. It is true to say that sidelights are […]

Full Beam Headlights – Our Guide to Considerate Driving

With winter fast approaching, most drivers will, at some point, drive during the hours of darkness.  When driving at night, your vision is restricted and you cannot see a far as you can in daylight; therefore less information is available to you. As a result, your vehicle’s headlights are the most important source of information […]

Car Headlights – When To Use and When not To Use

Do you know when you should be using your car headlights and the rules for usage and best practice? Read our guide on headlights, which forms the third part of our winter driving series. Headlights help you to see and be seen by others and must be used when visibility is seriously reduced. They need […]

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