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RED’s Service Charge

As learning to drive continually changes through advances in technology, our products and services need to change to ensure that RED provide the best learning resources and support to our customers throughout their journey to test success.

At RED we invest heavily in the latest technology to facilitate secure transactions, provide online content and Apps to best enhance our learning resources and user experience whilst learning to drive.

To continue to deliver our market leading service, we would like to inform you that with effect from the afternoon of Tuesday 30th May a service charge will be added to all lessons purchased by new and existing RED customers.

This is a mandatory charge which will be included in all lesson packages purchased at point of sale and shown clearly in purchase receipts.

We are confident that you will continue to see that learning to drive with RED remains the best all-round value for money in the market with products and service offerings such as:

In addition, we recently

We are committed to continue to innovate and provide further enhanced products and services in the future.