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RED 001a: On Road Training / Assessment & Skid Training

RED 001a is the course for any driver who requires on road driver training and would like to add Skid Training to the course. It can also be added to Speed Awareness, Fuel-save, Parking & Manoeuvring, Vehicle Familiarisation, Post Incident or even UK Familiarisation; or as a general refresher driver training course.  All drivers will learn at their own pace under the watchful and experienced eye of our trainers, learning in a fun and safe environment.

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At a Glance

RED 001a



Any suitable UK location within a 2 hour drive of RED Training Centre, Donington Park, DE74 2BN

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The course has capacity for up to 12 people per day.

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Full Day 09:00 – 16:30

The Details

The course proposed is for a full day and can commence either at the RED Training Centre or from your own location/office as long as it is within 2 hours driving time from the Centre, DE74 2BN. The on road element can also be tailored around speed awareness, parking & maneuvering, fuel-save, vehicle familiarisation, post incident or even UK familiarisation.

The course will start with a briefing and objective setting session; this also provides the opportunity for delegates to offer any specific concerns relating to their general driving or any of the course content. Setting the scene for any training course is of paramount importance and this particular briefing will cover the reasons for the course which may include the trainee’s driving performance or may be as part of a company’s H&S policy.

As with all our practical training courses, this course includes a pre course RED Driver Profiler (on-line RDP) and post training, a full course report will be e-mailed directly to the participant and course administrator asrequired.

This ensures that full H&S Duty of Care responsibilities are covered.


Practical Training

On-Road Training

Developing the driver’s expertise in managing the high risk environment of urban driving and reducing the likelihood of being involved in a preventable driving incident.

Other road types will also be covered depending on the geographical location of the training session and the driver’s personal needs.

The coaching session will develop the perceptual skills outlined in the presentation and to provide ample opportunities to explore the principles of keeping space, identifying risk and keeping visible and communicating with other road users.

Skid Recognition & Control

The Skid Car is the perfect way to learn the causes of skids and indeed how to avoid them. The Skid Car, unlike the Skid Pan, can replicate a variety of road surfaces from wet through to black ice.

All drivers will learn at their own pace under the watchful and experienced eye of our trainers, learning in a fun and safe environment.

This is an invaluable life skill for all drivers and provides the knowledge to ‘avoid’ skids in the future.

Skid Control Training NOT FOR YOU?


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