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RED Driving School instructor stars in Channel 5 documentary

RED Driving School instructor, Dave Dunsford, has been chosen to take part in Channel 5’s new documentary Never Teach Your Wife How to Drive.

The documentary follows three couples out on the road as they attempt to teach their other half how to drive. Dave will be guiding the couples and providing expert driving advice to help them pass their tests.

Dave, who has been a professional driver for over 28 years, says: “Teaching your partner or a family member how to drive can be a very stressful experience and requires a huge amount of patience, especially when you don’t have the advantage of dual controls! No matter how competent a driver you think you are, you need skill, a good knowledge of the road and empathy to teach someone how to drive safely.

“It’s brilliant that so many people want to, and currently do, teach their partner how to drive, but it’s important that they are taught correctly and don’t pass on any of the bad habits they may have picked up behind the wheel. It was great to be involved with Channel 5’s documentary on this as it really sheds light on the pressures that teaching your partner how to drive can put on your relationship.”

Here are Dave’s top tips for teaching your partner how to drive:

  1. Be patient and remember these skills are a first time experience for them
  2. Practice as much as possible – experience of different road situations is invaluable
  3. Don’t raise your voice. Talk quietly and clearly and, most importantly, smile!
  4. Give plenty of praise and encouragement
  5. Don’t just go ‘for a drive’. Have a lesson plan of what you want to achieve and make sure it’s fun as well as informative.

The first episode of Never Teach Your Wife How to Drive will broadcast at 21:00 on Thursday 25th September 2014.

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