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QUIZ: What kind of driver are you?

At RED, we love a good quiz that tells us something funny about ourselves – and this has led us to creating our very own quiz site.

After you’ve answered a series of questions relating to driving, cars and the open road, our fun driving quiz will determine and describe your personality traits.

Man and woman smiling in top down car

Is your dream car a Volkswagen Campervan or a Bugatti Veyron? What do you hate more – changing gear or congestion? Is your driving hero Jeremy Clarkson or Lewis Hamilton?

These are just a few of the question and answer options given that, when answered, will enable us to discover your driving type.

Don’t forget to share your result with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and tag us in your post (@REDDriving). We will be picking winners at random to win various DVD prizes, so it’s worth the tag!