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The launch: “Get Road REDdy” UK!

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We are delighted to launch a nationwide campaign to help tackle road safety in some the UK’s most dangerous driving areas.

We’re undertaking a tour of Britain, as part of our “Get Road REDdy” campaign to help encourage road safety through immersive learning for drivers of all ages.

The initiative will see our certified instructors visit schools and colleges in the ten regions of Britain with the highest number of road traffic accidents for young drivers (aged 17-24), where we will be challenging parents and teachers to take mini mock driving tests to demonstrate the issues of road safety at schools across the country.

Interactive workshops will also be held with teachers, parents on pupils where we will be demonstrating our RED Road Brain Trainer and holding interactive Q+A sessions discussing all aspects of road safety.

Our campaign officially launched in Birmingham, the UK’s number one hotspot for road traffic accidents, this week. For the last seven years running Birmingham has been the worst effect area of Britain with 2,485 recorded accidents in 2011 alone. With the help of Small Heath School and Sixth Form Centre, we paid a visit to the school to help get our campaign underway.

Richard Riley, Head of work related learning at Small Heath School and Sixth Form Centre said

“Small Heath School is in an area that has a very high rate of road accidents so the more we can do to educate young people on the importance of road safety the better.

…We’re delighted to be involved in the Get Road REDdy campaign and hope that it will ultimately help to decrease the number of accidents on Birmingham’s roads.”

RED and Small Heath School

For teachers, schools and colleges interesting in learning more or taking part in our Get Road REDdy campaign feel free to get in touch with us at

We also hit the streets of Birmingham City Centre to test the knowledge of local drivers by asking them “So do you think you are road REDdy?” Check out video to see how people got on …

RED will also be visiting schools in Surrey, Kent, Lancashire, Hampshire, Essex, Leeds, Hertfordshire, Westminster and Manchester which have all been highlighted by the latest data from the Department of Transport as the UK’s most dangerous urban regions for drivers.

Check out our info graphic on the UK’s most dangerous urban areas for driver’s here >

CEO of RED Driving School Ian McIntosh says, “It’s natural for many people to think of learning to drive as a means to an end but even when you’ve passed your test the learning never stops, especially when it comes to road safety. Many new drivers may never have driven in bad weather, at night, on country roads or on the motorway for instance.

We want to spread the message to people of all ages that learning doesn’t stop when you pass your test and that there are many ways to educate yourself on road safety before, during and after you’ve passed their test.

“We are encouraging learners and drivers alike to have a more mature and responsible attitude to driving…

…Not only will this save themselves and others from accidents, but it could also minimise insurance their premiums. One accident is one too many which is why we are targeting schools, teachers and parents in the top ten accident hotspots to re-educate people as you can never stop learning when it comes to road safety”

Birmingham Road REDdy

Rob Lainchbury, a RED instructor from Birmingham says, “Learning to drive is no longer about knowing where the clutch is, it’s a much more complex experience which includes, a theory test, a hazard perception test, demonstration of technical knowledge and then the practical test.

A lot has changed since many parents and teachers have passed their test and we’re sure they’ve picked up some bad habits over the years. We want to encourage them to join us to educate people on road safety and invite them to take a mini mock driving assessment to put their skills to the test.”

For more information about the Get Road REDdy campaign get in touch with us at