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First sat nav driving test passed

In January we posted about some modifications to the UK driving test that were set to be trialled. Around 1,000 learner drivers across Britain were to be invited to trial a new practical exam designed to “better reflect real-life driving”.

These trials are now taking place and on Friday a RED Driving School pupil became one of the first people in the UK to pass his driving test in which a sat nav was involved.

Sat Nav

David Bishop was instructed to follow a sat nav’s verbal instructions for 20 minutes of his test at his local test centre in Folkstone as this was one of the 20 chosen centres in the UK to trial the revised practical exam.

David learnt to drive with RED instructor Derek Creasey and was fully prepared for the new test procedures throughout the course of his lessons.

All 1,000 learner drivers are expected to have taken part by the end of the year and if the trial is successful it could be the biggest shake up of the test since the written theory exam was introduced in 1996.

David Bishop, pupil with RED Driving School, comments: “I am ecstatic and absolutely made up that I have passed, if I am being honest I was not expecting to pass first time. Derek was a fantastic instructor and very supportive and I am so thankful to him.”

Derek Creasey, Driving Instructor with RED Driving School, comments: “I think adding satellite navigation systems to the UK driving test is an excellent idea. It is much more realistic than having a person sat next to you telling you which way to go and sat navs are now something drivers tend to have to deal with on a daily basis so it makes perfect sense. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the trial. I am very proud of David, he is a great driver and I hope he remains safe on the roads.”

RED show me tell me

Other proposed changes to the test include the manoeuvres. Candidates may not be asked to complete a “reverse around a corner” or the “turn in the road”. These will potentially be replaced with more commonplace activities such as reversing out of a parking bay.

Candidates will also be asked their safety questions whilst driving, instead of at the start of the test, and will also be asked to operate switches in the car such as the screen heaters.