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Comment on Road Casualty Statistics

Ian McIntosh, CEO, RED Driving School, said: “The Department for Transport has today (1st November) released its quarterly road casualty statistics, revealing that deaths and serious injuries rose by 9 per cent for pedal cyclists.* This reinforces the view that although we are all aware of the importance of road safety, things need to change if our roads are going to become safer.

“In research conducted among 600 driving instructors across the UK, 75 per cent called for the UK driving test to incorporate a module on the awareness of cyclists. The new statistics confirm that something still needs to be done to ensure cyclists are safe on our roads.

“Instead of new regulations to protect cyclists, what we really need is greater education in order to change attitudes and perception on road usage and how we share the road.

“The Government should reintroduce cycling proficiency in schools or at least facilitate partnerships between schools and The National Standards for Cycle Training, which was established as a unified cycle training programme to promote road safety.

“Driving tuition is one area in particular where RED can make a real difference. The inclusion of cycling awareness will teach learner drivers to be aware of cyclists and how to react in a number of situations, making them safer, more responsible drivers.”