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Whether you’re looking to brush up on your manoeuvres, learn to drive in tough weather conditions or boss your independent driving, our expert instructor, Dave, has all the information you need. Improve your chances of passing by up to 14% using RED’s learning resources.

Learn to drive in

Wet Weather Conditions

A challenge for any driver is tackling the roads in wet weather conditions. Dave points out the crucial things you need to remember when driving on wet roads so you can keep yourself and others safe while driving in the rain.

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Where and when to

Practise Manouvres

Take a look at Dave’s top tips to help you pass your driving test. In this video Dave explains where the best place is to practice manoeuvres in advance of your test. He points out common mistakes learners make when practising – so you are fully clued up before you begin!

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How to

Overtake Safely

In this video, Dave explains top tips for learner drivers on how to overtake safely. Overtaking can seem scary to a learner driver and it’s very important to know what you are doing before you attempt it. Dave will talk you through how to safely overtake so you can feel confident on the roads.

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The easy way to

Parallel Park

In this video, Dave explains how to safely master one of the trickiest parts of the driving test – the parallel park. It is called the reverse parking manoeuvre in a driving test and Dave will show you the tips and tricks to remember to make sure you nail it every time.

How to

Boss Independent Driving

In this video, Dave explains top tips for learner drivers to pass your driving test. In this video Dave explains how to master independent driving and follow a sat nav as well as point out some common test mistakes – to help you pass first time!