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Driving Games

If you fancy yourself a bit of a piston head, you may want to steer clear from video games that are promoting bad driving habits. In real life, getting points for speeding is not a good thing and there’s nothing glamorous about a crash. Why not try our retro fuel and car parking games instead?

Get ready, keep it steady, be careful and play!

RED Driving Parking Game

So you think you’re good at driving? This parking game will put you to the test. With three levels of difficulty, can you pass first time?

Fuel Duel

We are pleased to announce the comeback of our popular game Fuel Duel! Help keep the queues down at the petrol station by filling up all the cars as they drive up to your fuel pumps. Fill all cars with maximum fuel and get them off your pumps as fast as possible.



You will need to cursor keys on your keyboard to play the fuel and parking games. When playing the parking game, it may help to think of the car as an automatic to steer, accelerate, brake and reverse. The left and right arrows allow you to turn the wheels; the up arrow functions as the gas; the down arrow is the brake. When you’ve come to standstill, the down arrow allows you to reverse and the up arrow will become your brake. Try to park the time in the shortest time possible, but don’t hit other cars or the kerb.

When playing Fuel Duel, you can make your character move with the arrows. Keep in mind that he can only walk in the middle lane to get to the next pump.

The challenge of both car driving games is to score higher than other people within the given time. If you’re happy about your score, you can submit it for the scoreboard.

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