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Are you ready for your driving test?

Are you ready for your driving test? With demand at an all-time high, it’s important that you know you’re ready before taking your test. It’ll save you extra cash and the hassle of booking another test if you do fail. Not to mention the waiting list as well!

Here are our tips for making sure you’re prepared and ready to pass.

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According to the DVSA, 1 in 5 people who fail their driving test says the main reason they failed was that they made a silly mistake on the day.

According to the DVSA, 1 in 10 people who fail their driving test says the main reason they failed was that they were too nervous.

Making a bunch of silly mistakes or failing a specific manoeuvre comes down to not having enough experience, but if you’re interested in the top 10 reasons people fail, you can find that here.

According to the DVSA, on average, more than 1,100 tests get cancelled every month before even starting. The reasons include:

  • Forgetting to take the correct documents
  • Taking a car that doesn’t meet the rules
  • Arriving late for the appointment
  • Going to the wrong test centre


There’s a whole range of reasons that people fail their driving test, and for the most part, it boils down to the learner simply not having enough experience.

Whether that translates to making a silly mistake on the day, lacking confidence or being too nervous, gaining enough experience under your belt is key to succeeding and passing your driving test.



RED learner insurance is a great option for those who are looking for something fast, convenient and flexible. We can have you covered in minutes, and our rates are very competitive.

  • It protects the annual policyholder’s No Claims Discount (NCD) – also called No Claims Bonus
  • Pay-as-you-go means you only pay for the cover you need and it’s completely flexible
  • Low ‘excess’ of only £250. (The ‘excess’ is the first part of any claim you have to pay)
  • Comprehensive provisional car insurance cover, provided by the UK’s leading insurer, Aviva
  • Competitive pricing
  • No cancellation fee – which is great if you pass your test ahead of schedule.
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In a nutshell, learner driver insurance is short-term, comprehensive insurance which grants you the ability to drive someone else’s car (most often a family member or friend) or your own car for various time periods ranging from a few hours to up to 5 months. It is vital that you are insured on a car before you drive it in case any incidents occur.

  • You are a provisional driver aged 17-50 
  • You are carrying out provisional lessons in someone else’s or your own car
  • You are learning in your own car (under supervision) and have not yet passed your practical driving test.

No, you do not need learner driver insurance if you are learning to drive with a qualified instructor. All RED Instructors will have their own insurance in place to cover them, you and the vehicle before you proceed with lessons. However, if you’re planning on practicing driving with a friend or family member, then you will need to get your own learner driver insurance policy.

Here’s the checklist for driving with a learner.

  • Limits risk to the car owner’s No Claims Bonus
  • Practicing with friends and family is a great way to get yourself ‘test ready’. In fact, the DVSA state “On average, it takes people 45 hours of driving lessons with a driving instructor and 22 hours of practice with family or friends to learn to drive.”
  • You can get an unlimited fine, be banned from driving and get up to 8 penalty points for driving without insurance

Getting learner insurance with RED Driving School has never been easier. We’ve partnered with DayInsure to provide our learners with great value cover available in minutes. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide how you’re going to use the insurance, who’s car will you be driving and how long do you want to be insured for?

What's included?

What's included with Learner Driver Insurance?

Here’s what’s included:

  • Cover if the car is written off and for accidental damage, fire, theft or attempted theft
  • Legal liability if another person is injured or dies, or their property is damaged (up to £5 million per claim)
  • Medical expenses for anyone injured in the vehicle
  • Sitting the driving test



All you need is your name, UK driving licence, UK address, date of birth and the vehicle information (including the registered keeper’s details i.e. the car owner).

Tell us whether you need temporary learner driver insurance for a day or a longer period, and when you need that cover to start. We can tailor the right plan to you and give you a quote for learner driver insurance.

If you’re happy with the quote, you can purchase your insurance online and be ready to get on the road in no time*

*Always check the terms and conditions to ensure that the policy meets your requirements.


Getting the experience

According to the DVSA, 53 out of every 100 driving tests were failed between Jan & March 2022, likely due to a lack of experience.

On average it takes people 45 hours of driving lessons with a driving instructor and 22 hours of practice with family or friends to learn to drive.

Typically, your instructor will know when you’re ready to take your test. But the key advice is to not rush into taking it. We know how getting on the road as fast as possible is enticing, but rushing things will likely end up in it taking longer.

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Most people will get enough practice in with their driving instructors, but many don’t get the experience outside of lessons.

Practicing regularly, in-between your lessons is key to gaining the experience and confidence needed to pass your test.

This will help keep your lessons and learnings fresh in your mind and will help speed up your progress towards passing your test.

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Learner driver insurance is great to get in that extra practice with your friends or family. It also allows you to start getting some practice in your own car ready for when you pass your test.

RED offers flexible learner insurance policies that are affordable and can be arranged in minutes.

How Much Does Learner Driver Insurance Cost?

The cost of learner driver insurance varies depending on a number of factors such as the car you will be driving, your age, where you live, etc. Cover with RED can start from as little as £11.