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Driving instructor training cost

Driving instructor training cost

RED understands the commitment required to become a driving instructor – we have helped more people in the last 20 years to achieve this goal than any other company.  Through this experience RED know that training is an investment and will help you get the return you deserve. With RED, you can purchase your driving instructor training on a pay as you go basis, or as a combined package to take advantage of available discounts.

Black Friday Special Offer: Get our full Driving Instructor training course for just £1395 and receive a £500 refund when you qualify and join RED as an Instructor

Join our award-winning team

Join our winning team now and we’ll provide our full Instructor training course for just £1,395 and we’ll give you a £500 refund on these training costs when you become a RED Driving School instructor.

Includes up to 80 hours training with a qualified RED Trainer for those who join our course on a Trainee Licence.

Give us a call on 0330 332 2684 or complete the enquiry form (on the right of this web page) to find out more about training to become a RED driving Instructor NOW.

* Other course options and payment schemes are available. Terms and conditions apply.

Option One – Full Course with the opportunity to get your training fees back

Purchase the complete package for a one off payment of £2,599. By choosing this option, you may be entitled to get a refund on your training fees, see ‘Maximise your return with RED’ below for full details.

Option Two – Pay as you go

Option two allows you to pay monthly for the course, from £199 per month. Contact us for more details.

Maximise your return with RED!

We believe we have the industry leading franchise package which will ensure you maximise your earnings as a driving instructor once you have completed your training. If you choose to commit to the complete training package you may be entitled to a full refund of your training fees. Once you have successfully completed your training, joined and worked with RED Driving School as a franchisee for a qualifying period, we will refund your training fees up to a maximum value of £2,599*. Terms and conditions will apply but it could mean you will have a fantastic new career for free! Get your new career in gear! Fill in the web enquiry form on this page or call today on 0330 332 2684.

*To get your course fees back you must purchase the training course for a one off payment of £2,599 and join RED Driving School as an ADI. Fees are paid back over 24 months through a combination of franchise credit and cash up to a maximum refund of £2,599. See course agreement for full terms and conditions.

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Driving instructor training cost