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Why choose RED?

Why choose RED?

Becoming a driving instructor can be a life-changing career move, which is why it’s so important to choose the right driving instructor training. As one of the UK’s largest instructor training organisations, and with almost 20 years’ experience, RED understands what it takes to become a successful instructor.


Black Friday Special Offer: Get our full Driving Instructor training course for just £1395 and receive a £500 refund when you qualify and join RED as an Instructor

Join our award-winning team

Join our winning team now and we’ll provide our full Instructor training course for just £1,395 and we’ll give you a £500 refund on these training costs when you become a RED Driving School instructor.

Includes up to 80 hours training with a qualified RED Trainer for those who join our course on a Trainee Licence.

Give us a call on 0330 332 2684 or complete the enquiry form (on the right of this web page) to find out more about training to become a RED driving Instructor NOW.

* Other course options and payment schemes are available. Terms and conditions apply.

At RED, we will make sure that you receive all the support and guidance you need from our experienced trainers, and ensure you have the teaching and business skills to be a success. Some of the benefits of training with RED include:

  • flexible training to suit your needs and personal circumstances
  • the course now includes up to 80 hours of training with a qualified RED Trainer for those who join our course on a Trainee Licence.
  • use of our vehicles during your training sessions
  • help and support from our in-house training advisers over the phone
  • access to RED’s online training, which includes state-of-the art hazard perception systems
  • a trainee licence opportunity – so you can earn while you complete your training
  • competitive pricing and payment plans
  • we have trained over 10,000 fully qualified ADIs
  • in the last 12 months the average RED driving instructor had a gross weekly income of £869.71

News Update

New format Part 3 tests (instructional ability)

As part of your training with RED you have a guaranteed opportunity to join one of the largest Driving Schools in the UK and this PDI Trainee Licence route gives you a significant advantage in preparing for and passing the DVSA’s new Part 3 test.

For more information, visit our FAQ page, see our instructor testimonials or fill out an enquiry form.

Here is RED’s CEO Ian McIntosh with a few words about why you should become a RED Driving Instructor:

Or, if you are looking for new opportunities, visit our driving instructor jobs page.

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Why choose RED?