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What are your thoughts about an electric vehicle?

Once you’ve passed your driving test, there’s probably one main thing on your mind. And that’s ‘what type of car am I going to get?’. Which it should be, as it’s an exciting time. 

Heading to all the different dealerships and trying out your possible future car. Or maybe you’ve already got one in mind? More and more drivers these days are going electric and more second-hand EVs (electric vehicles) are on the market, making it easier and cheaper to buy. So have you thought about making your first car an EV? 

3 reasons why your next car should be an EV

The future is electric, in fact, 22% of new cars sold won’t be petrol or diesel by 2024. And by 2035, all new cars will be EVs. So we already know that more EVs on the road is going to happen. Why wait? You can zip away in a new EV, knowing that you’re helping create a more sustainable future.

They’re better for the environment

No exhaust fumes mean there are fewer dangerous greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. So the more EVs on the road, the better it is for the planet. You can smile when you’re behind the wheel, knowing you’re literally driving towards a greener future.

They’re cheaper to maintain

While an EV may be more expensive than its petrol counterparts, prices are getting cheaper all the time. More importantly, when it comes to car maintenance, this is where you’ll save. With no oil changes, no engine replacements and a cheaper cost per mile, you won’t need to pay out as much just to keep it serviced.

They can be charged at home

It’s super easy to charge your EV…because you can do it at home! Talk about convenience. And with Hive EV Charging, you can get a charger that works with all EVs. Expertly installed and managed with the Hive app, in just a few taps you can set your car to charge overnight when it’s cheapest!  And as newer models have better range than ever before, you can travel further in an EV without having to recharge.

Ready to go electric?

Smart home chargers make it easier and cheaper than ever.

Cheaper charging – pair your charger with any British Gas tariff to get access to SmartCharge – Hive’s exclusive tool that automatically charges your EV with cheaper, greener electricity.

1 year FREE charging* – get 12 months of free charging with FreeCharge. It works the same as SmartCharge but Hive refund 100% of your charging costs for a whole year, making it even cheaper to hit the road in an EV.

Simple to use – tap the Hive app for real-time charging updates and keep an eye on what you’re spending.

Expert installation – British Gas-approved engineers will get your charger up and running, hassle-free.

Top technology – both Hive super-smart EV chargers come with a 2-year warranty as standard. Get it installed professionally and upgrade to a 3-year warranty.

Getting a new car is expensive. So why not save more in the long run by going electric? 

*Requires a smart meter and British Gas electricity tariff. See for more info.