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Want to learn how you can make your fuel go further? RED Driver Training and Esso have joined forces to help UK motorists be more fuel-efficient drivers.

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just starting out, this course offers practical insights and techniques that will help you improve your driving and benefit your wallet. Guiding you through key steps when it comes to getting the most out of your fuel, the Fuel-Save Driver Training Course can help you improve your fuel efficiency and reduce your fuel consumption by an average of 15%!*


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There’s never been a better time to improve the efficiency of your driving and our Fuel-Save Course is proven to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 15%*.

Our half day course takes you on a journey, first assessing how you drive and then moving on to develop and introduce you to new techniques.

The course is delivered by one of RED’s skilled trainers and will take place in your own vehicle and on familiar roads and routes in your area.

If your vehicle has an electronic fuel consumption reading, we will compare the pre and post-training fuel consumption.

Before the driving part of the course starts, your trainer will ask you to read the number plate of a stationary car to check that your eyesight meets the minimum regulation for driving.

At the end of the session, your trainer will give you a debrief and a written report.

* Participants who have completed this course have improved their average mpg by 15%.

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Subject to availability, the course can be conducted at any suitable location in the UK except Northern Ireland.

Our trainers can meet you at home or your place of work, providing there is a suitable location for the trainer to leave their car for the duration of the assessment.

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The Training

Will take place in your own vehicle on a one to one basis.

During the course you’ll learn a whole range of fuel-efficient driving techniques, such as optimal use of the gears and smooth driving and how to better anticipate the need for harsh braking and other simple adjustments that save you money on fuel costs and reduce emissions.

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This is a half-day course which usually lasts around three hours and the introduction and debrief.

The session can take place in either a morning or afternoon and can be shorter if you require.

Why Choose Our Course?

  1. Masterful Techniques: Learn the secrets of driving smarter. Our course unveils a treasure trove of tips and techniques that will have you reducing fuel consumption without a increasing journey time.
  2. Drive Green: Become a more eco-conscious driver with every turn of the wheel.
  3. Maintenance Magic: When you drive more efficiently , you also reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.
  4. Personalised Guidance: Our seasoned trainers provide personalised feedback tailored to your driving style. Watch your skills evolve as you receive expert advice and make driving efficiency second nature.

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This course is for anyone who wants to drive smarter and save more money on fuel costs.

It’s suitable for drivers of all levels, from beginners to experienced drivers.

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The course is a half-day course-either morning or afternoon.

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Our course covers a whole range of fuel-efficient driving techniques, such as optimal use of the gears and smooth driving.

You’ll learn how to better anticipate the need for harsh braking and other simple adjustments that save you money on fuel costs and reduce emissions.

And our post-course report will give you a full understanding of your driving habits and how to drive smarter for years to come.

You’ll be trained in your own vehicle, which means that you’ll be comfortable from the off. Your car must be taxed and fully insured and if required, a valid MOT.

Your trainer will do a walk-around the vehicle to make sure that it’s safe to drive (e.g looking to check that the tyres are in good condition with a tread depth of more than 2mm.)

If your car is unroadworthy the course will be cancelled.

No, the trainer will sit in the front passenger seat.

No, this is a practical course that will all take place in the vehicle.

We find that we get the best results when the driver is 100% focussed on their driving.

There are very few limitation on the type of car that’s suitable for this course. Please call the office number shown if you have any doubts.

The course will start and end a place that suits you. We recommend that the course takes place on roads that you are very familiar with, such as your journey to work.

There are some parts of the UK that we can’t cover for this course. Please call the office for more details.


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