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ADI Part 2 Guide: What to Expect

So you’ve completed the ADI Part 1 and are now ready to move on to the next stage in your journey to becoming a qualified driving instructor. But what exactly can you expect from the ADI Part 2? Look no further, we’ll give you a rundown of what to expect from the ADI Part 2 test, as well as some tips on how to prepare for it.

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What happens after the exam?

  • After you have completed the drive, the examiner will debrief you on your performance and give you feedback on areas that need improvement. Like the original driving test, any faults will be marked with the perfect score is zero.
  • However, unlike the original driving test, you can only make six driving faults. Seven or more faults will result in you failing your test, one serious fault will result in a fail and a dangerous fault will cause you to fail and for the test to be discontinued.
  • If you pass, you’ll be presented with a letter with your result, which includes details of how to apply for the ADI part 3 test of instructional ability. Although you can apply for this straight away, it’s well worth preparing exhaustively for it.

What happens if you fail?

  • If you fail the ADI Part 2, don’t despair! You can take the test again, do bear in mind, you only have 3 attempts to pass the test. If you are unsuccessful on your 3rd attempt, you will need to wait until 2 years from the date you passed your part 1 test to be able to start the process again. So make sure you’re fully prepared and confident before taking the test.



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Our qualified RED Trainers provide up to 80 hours of specialist training, and our fast track option is delivered at the same price as our classic route, with the benefit of being able to get a 100% refund on your training costs when you become a RED Driving Instructor.

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Pete Chiston had to say “The fast track training was very intense and a lot to take in over three days however the follow up support from my in car trainer David was great and tailored to meet my very hands on approach to learning, this in combination with the office support has meant that the process although at points very challenging was still a positive overall experience.”

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ADI Part 3

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