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Driving Instructor Training Information

Everything you need to know about training to become a driving instructor with RED Driving School.

ADI Part 1: Theory

The first part of RED’s instructor training course covers theory and hazard perception training.

It is an advanced online training programme that will help you to work through all the relevant material at your own pace.  We will monitor your progress, ascertain and build on strengths, as well as improve any areas you feel require additional mentoring.

Tutor support is also available to all students throughout the process and in our experience, you’ll feel reassured knowing help is only a phone call away if you should ever need it.

ADI Part 2: Driving Ability

With the theory knowledge of ADI Part 1 under your belt, you will be keen to put it into practice during the in-car training sessions of ADI Part 2.

These sessions focus on your driving ability.  Our team of expert trainers will guide you through a series of practical learning sessions designed to ensure you meet and exceed the standard set by the DVSA. Towards the end of your training sessions, we will contact you to arrange your ADI Part 3 training programme.

ADI Part 3: Instructional Ability

You’re now within touching distance of being a recognised RED driving instructor!

Part 3 involves both theory and practical work, which will help develop your overall teaching ability. You will undergo a series of coaching sessions with our trainers, ranging from realistic role play to road safety awareness, to fine tune your knowledge and understanding.

Following your Part 2 training, we will provide you with the necessary Part 3 training to entitle you to apply to the DVSA for a pink badge.  There is the option to teach for reward on a trainee licence and refine your teaching skills.  At this stage, you would be classified a Potential Driving Instructor and can then join RED Driving School.

Whether you choose to apply for a trainee licence or continue straight through to your Part 3 test is up to you.  Our training officers – all ADIs themselves – can help you decide which option suits you best.

Passing your Part 3 test propels you to ADI status – a fully Approved Driving Instructor!  All your hard work and commitment has paid off and you can be proud of this life changing achievement.  You are now part of a respected and well-known group of driving instructors who’ve successfully trained with RED, and you can start earning money as a RED instructor  – this is a moment to celebrate!

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