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Clients and Testimonials

We work with a vast array of large and small companies. Here are some of our more well-known clients and case studies.

Health, Wellbeing & Resiliency workshops

We have been successfully delivering a range of interactive Health, Wellbeing & Resiliency workshops for over 10 years to a wide variety of delegates, from school children to elite athletes and extensively across business, UK wide. Our expertise lies in improving the performance of ‘people’ whatever and wherever they are from and we have tangible and auditable proof that what we deliver, works!

Here is what our clients are saying…

Paul Atherton, Operations Manager

The drivers are our main asset so it’s great to focus on their wellbeing.

Peter Davies, Transport Account Manager

Thank you for this. I found this extremely interesting yesterday.

James Griffin, Technical Manager, Fleet

Many thanks for this, I thought your company presentation on driver wellbeing was really good and very thought provoking. I didn’t catch the presenters name, but it was very well delivered as well

Helen Jeffries, Transport Manager

Really interesting session!

Gary Austin, Administrator

This is great and highlights how the most important asset in transport is not given the respect it deserves, we spend lots of time on fuel, cost, maintenance, PMIs, MPGS etc, but when it comes to the driver behind the wheel…

Andrew Pooley, Transport Manager

Thank you very much, really enjoyed that session

Donna McNeill, Transport Manager

Fantastic presentation, thank you, could I request a copy please?

Mike Jones, UK Fleet Compliance Manager

Excellent presentation, could I please request a copy?

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Online Wellbeing Profiler Case Study

Discover how we helped improve resiliency scores on average by nearly 20%.

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Resiliency Workshop Case Study

Read our case study to discover how we have helped improve resiliency by up to 12%.