Wellbeing online profiler and personal development

Why do drivers crash?

Generally drivers crash, not through lack of driving ability, but due to lack of mental skills such as Concentration, Observation and Anticipation. Poor use of these key driving components often leads to the ‘unexpected’ and ‘all of sudden’ moments that in turn lead to expensive crashes.

The RED team, which has over 30 years in improving driver performance, has developed a Driver Wellbeing Profiler that checks drivers monthly, offers instant feedback and advice as to how they can improve, whilst also providing ‘corporate’ reports that clearly identify those drivers to management that are performing least well and in what areas.

We have been successfully using our in-house designed Well Being Profiler for a while now and it’s working extensively in the corporate health & wellbeing environment as well as in sport and education. The unique on-line profiler is delivered monthly, by e-mail reminder, direct to the user who simply clicks the link and completes the profiler in just 10-15 minutes. On completion, users receive an instant feedback report showing them how they are currently performing in the 10 areas assessed and how they are performing against their previous profilers. Advice is also provided as to how they can improve their performance in the neediest areas.

Four people sitting on a chair line, smiling



  • Tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Relaxed
  • Positive engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Mental clarity & decisiveness
  • Self-Management Control
  • Self-esteem
  • Lifestyle

You do not need to be an expert in driver behaviour/performance to see that these 10 areas can easily affect a driver’s ability to perform well in the areas of Concentration, Observation & Anticipation. However, identifying the poorly performing drivers is only the start but by doing so we/you can at least begin to ask the question as to why and, depending on the answer, offer a solution that will help to improve a driver’s performance and more importantly your employees health & wellbeing. Comprehensive Data Management is available, live 24/7, to system administrators and provides a wide range of easy to use and simple to understand reports from which further decisions can be made.

Sounds Expensive and Complicated?

Well, all we need is an e-mail address or if your drivers are already in the RED system we don’t even need that as the 2 systems are automatically linked. The cost is easy to swallow too at just £12 per driver per year or if you prefer just £1 per month! This provides 12 monthly DWBP’s, all online Data Management and full support from the RED wellbeing experts who will download the data for you and provide you with regular reports if you don’t want to do this yourself.