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Resiliency Workshops & Online Wellbeing Profiler Case Study

Who took part?

The participants in this programme ranged from manual workers to executives and numbered just over 3000. The programme was launched at a series of H&S workshops, ensuring that users had the opportunity to ask questions and allay any fears which were mainly around ‘data security.’

Workshop Content

This was specific to this particular client which in itself provided a challenge due to the wide range of functions performed by the attendees and additionally, many of the attendees worked ‘shifts’ including nights and so the advice and interventions, varied somewhat. For this particular programme the advice centred around Wellbeing & Resiliency, particularly towards stress management and fatigue.

What advice did they get?

Following the workshops all 3000+ employees were invited to complete the WBP online via a ‘white labelled’ and bespoke website. The WBP covers 11 areas of Health, Wellbeing & Resiliency, including Lifestyle. Fifty-six validated questions are asked and on completion all users receive a comprehensive report detailing their overall resiliency level and in each of the 11 areas, with advice being provided in the 2 areas where they have scored least well. From then on users are re-invited to complete the WBP on a monthly basis and on so doing additional comparison reports and ‘distance travelled’ reports are also provided along with more bespoke advice to each user.

Wbp chart

This chart shows once again, and impressively some 10 years after launch, that those that engage the most with the programme show the greatest improvement in resiliency with those using it 5+ times improving their resiliency by nearly 12%. This particular client was set up with a number of ‘divisions’ which provides greater clarity when pulling group reports and allows for further training to be identified, not just in what area of need but to which group and to which users.

group data chart

This chart shows how we were able to additionally show which areas ‘tested’ by the WBP need to be addressed the most and importantly, who needs that help the most.

Follow up Workshops

Based on the data provided by the users of the WBP we are now in the process of delivering a series of smaller workshops, locally, focussing on the key areas of need.


The Wellbeing Profiler is available as a standalone product but also comes as a standard element of RED’s unique Driver Risk Management programmes.

A huge variety of workshops and webinars are also available as are one to one interventions as and when required.

In summary, this programme is affordable for all employees, relevant to all employees and has a proven track record of working, providing a ROI in both terms of performance by individuals, corporately, and importantly, in wellbeing and resiliency.