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Online Wellbeing Profiler Case Study

Who took part?

For a period of 6 months, RED Wellbeing sold its WBP, online, to members of the public; in most cases only the users e-mail addresses were known and in no instance did RED have any direct contact with any individual other than by means of the online WBP.

What was the programme?

Each programme involved users receiving monthly WBP’s to complete for a period of one year. They were invited to complete the WBP, on the anniversary of their first completion, each month, and answer the same set of questions each time. On completion they received a bespoke report about their resilience across 11 subject areas and an overall resiliency score. After month one they also received comparison reports from the previous month showing progress in all areas and finally a distance travelled report showing progress from the start.

What advice did they get?

In addition to the reports described above, each report provides advice about how to improve in the two areas in which they have scored least well that month. In other words, the programme is a complete self help training system, bespoke to every user. Areas tested are; Tiredness, Anxiety, Anger, Relaxed, Positive attitude, Employee engagement, Mental clarity & decisiveness, Self-management, Control, Self-esteem and Lifestyle.


As a group the overall resiliency score improved on average by 19.72% but more interestingly those that kept going and continued with the programme for more than 4 months, improved on average by an impressive 30.54%.

Even those that gave up early still improved on average by 9.74% so all was not lost. It is also worth remembering that this group were completely self-motivated, paid for the programme themselves, and had no other interaction with RED other than by way of the online WBP program.

RED Wellbeing session in progress

Feedback on our programme

“Just a quick if slightly belated note to thank you for your involvement in this year’s Van Excellence events. We are very grateful for your support and your contribution was very well received by our delegates. You are probably aware that we ask attendees to provide us with feedback on all our sessions and I’m pleased to say your presentation was rated at a fantastic 95% (top of the class!) Once again, thank for your support and I look forward to catching up soon.