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Could you save up to £328 in car insurance?

As many of you are probably aware, there are changes in the world of car insurance so we’ve decided to write this blog post to explain some of the goings on. Since a new EU law has been passed making it illegal to discriminate between genders, it will no longer be possible for insurance companies […]

RED Driving School’s top tips for revising for your theory test

  Despite the cold, frosty evenings, there’s no doubt that spring is on the way.  With daffodils blooming and the sun beginning to warm up those once chilly afternoons, you may be thinking ahead to those summer holidays and camping trips with friends. With this in mind, you may be planning to take your theory […]

RED Driving School Games!

Well, it’s Wednesday and we’re half way through the working week already! To keep you going through the second half of the week, we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight our retro RED Driving School Games for any newcomers – as well as a reminder for those of you who have been with us […]

Valentine’s weekend road trip

Roses are red, violets are… yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  So whether you’re expecting a romantic meal for two or an anonymous gift from a secret admirer, you’re likely to be out and about for one reason or another. Here at RED Driving School, we couldn’t help but be reminded of some disturbing […]

Driven to Distraction

Over on this side of the Atlantic, you may have missed it, but this week, ‘the greatest show on earth’ went out to 111 million Americans.  As always, it seemed the event was as much about the commercial break, as it was about the Green Bay Packers’ 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Indeed, it […]


There are currently emails being sent from, what appears to be, the DVLA, asking you to verify your licence. These are fake emails and you are advised to delete these immediately. give more information.

The DVSA website

It is important to note that the DVSA website will be unavailable this weekend for some of their services due to maintenance. This includes: online instructor services on Business Link the online booking service for practical tests on Directgov all online Driver CPC services DVSA’s national speech recognition service for changing practical tests These areas […]

New Years Eve

Tonight, people will be heading out to celebrate the New Year. RED Driving School would like to take this opportunity to remind you to think carefully. Don’t drink and drive! There is no way to know your tolerance to alcohol as this can be affected by so many factors; including your age, weight, gender, metabolism, […]

Driving home for Christmas

We’ve all heard the classic song “driving home for Christmas”. We’d like to hear from you; what songs will you be listening to this Christmas eve on your drive home? We would like to take this time to remind you to be safe and responsible when driving on the roads at this time of year, especially for […]

Driving tests may be affected by bad weather

Britain is braced for round two of ‘the big freeze’ but what will this mean for learner drivers who have their driving lessons or driving test affected by the adverse weather conditions? Although we can’t speak for other driving schools, when it comes down to driving lessons with RED Driving School our instructors will give you as […]

RED Driving School  /  Articles by: Neil Peace