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4 November, 2018

When and where to practice manoeuvres

The fourth video in our new Test Tips series is now live. This video focuses on helping you perfect all your manoeuvres in time for your test.

It’s vital to practice all of the manoeuvres before the big day, but when and where is the best place to practice? Take a look at Dave’s Test Tips to learn the best ways to practice your manoeuvres and you’ll be driving solo in no time.

The series can be found on our YouTube channel and is being featured weekly in the motoring section of the I news website.

You will also be able to find the series on our social media channels. Feel free to share the best tips and tricks you’ve found helpful using our hashtag #REDsTestTips. If you enjoy the videos, then please share them with your friends!

Okay, if you’re thinking of doing a manoeuvre always try and find a nice quiet road and just remember, don’t remain in the same place. It’s good to change the area to get different experiences.
Don’t annoy the local residents.
Don’t use test routes. There are plenty of roads for you to be able to choose from. If you’re coming to a road and there’s already another learner driver there move on and choose somewhere else.
If you’re trying to do a manoeuvre in the bay parking don’t choose a time like this because it’s far too busy.
If you’ve got vehicles coming past and it’s going to make it more difficult. If you’re choosing a time to come to the supermarket to do the manoeuvre, come when it’s closed.
My top tip for when you’re carrying out that manoeuvre.
If there’s no one around that’s fine. If while doing the manoeuvre you do find that another car comes along you need to wait and stop and find out what they’re doing. If they decide to go that’s fantastic. If they wait for you they’re just being nice. So just take your time and get the manoeuvre done. If you find that once you nearly finished the manoeuvre and they start to move, you need to stop because your vehicle is the problem. So just smile as they go past.