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4 November, 2018

Parallel Parking Made Easy

The second video in our Test Tips series is now live. This video focuses on helping you parallel park with ease.

Feeling nervous about this manoeuvre coming up in your test? After watching these top tips from RED, you’ll be parallel parking with no problem!

The series can also be found on our YouTube channel and is being featured weekly in the motoring section of the I news website.

You will also be able to find the series on our social media channels. Feel free to share the best tips and tricks you’ve found helpful using our hashtag #REDsTestTips. If you enjoy the videos, then please share them with your friends!

Okay guys so this is one of the most difficult manoeuvres and it’s one that goes wrong quite often so we want to make sure that we got nice control of the car and good observations. Basically, the key is nice and steady and don’t panic.
Examiners refer to this as reverse parking manoeuvres so don’t get confused and don’t worry. They will also tell you to parallel park.
The space you need to do this manoeuvre is about one and half times the size of your car the examiner will be picking a space that’s at least two car lengths and actually going to pick a car on his own and move out along sided and reverse back. If you can practice this in 1.5 car lengths you are easily going to do it in 2.
Sometimes we need reference points and they do work for some people, but they don’t work for everybody so have a chat with your instructor and have a plan B.
We have modern day cars with camera’s for reversing and using mirrors. Don’t overuse them. A glance into the mirror and a glance into the camera is useful but don’t rely on it. You must make effective and good observations. There’s lots of blind spots on this vehicle to easily move a young child or a cyclist. To make sure you’re looking into the directions and travel and never be afraid to have a little stop and an extra check.