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4 November, 2018

How to Boss Independent Driving

The first video in our Test Tips series is now live. It focuses on the independent drive which will make up half of the driving test: whether that’s asking you to follow road signs or a sat nav.

Check out Dave’s top tips for bossing independent driving, with the first video in our brand-new weekly series.

The series can also be found on our YouTube channel and is being featured weekly in the motoring section of the I news website.

You will also be able to find the series on our social media channels. Feel free to share the best tips and tricks you’ve found helpful using our hashtag #REDsTestTips. If you enjoy the videos, then please share them with your friends!

So, guys the independent drive, what’s that about? What’s that all about?
Half of your test will involve you doing an independent drive and that’s going to make you follow some road signs for at least 20 minutes or you will be asked to listen to a Sat Nav and follow some directions. 4/5 tests involve you using a SAT Nav, so it will be a good idea for you to practice using that.
Make sure you learn how to use your Sat Nav before you set off! That’s going to help you forward plan so then you can use it safely.
When you’re using the Sat Nav adjust the volume as you need it but remember you’re listening to the Sat Nav and following instructions and you are not looking at it. You can occasionally glance at it, but you can’t stare at it. You want to pay more attention to the road and listen to it.
Make sure you position the Sat Nav, so you get the best view possible. The examiners on the day will either place it on the dashboard or on the windscreen.
Learners quite often get caught for speeding because they rely on Sat Nav you should be relying on the road signs to tell you the speed.