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4 October, 2018

RED Driving School ramps up fleet driver training

RED Driving School has expanded its suite of fleet driver training services to provide a no nonsense and crystal-clear approach to managing road risk and now has a full service to meet the needs of all companies.

As one of the UK’s largest driving schools, RED is pleased to offer its comprehensive training to a range of firms with fleet drivers. RED works with businesses of all sizes to develop bespoke packages based on requirements.

The training can be delivered through a variety of techniques from group classroom-based sessions to one-on-one in car guidance. RED’s service offering now includes driving licence checks and even profiling of company car drivers to build custom e-learning courses based on individuals’ knowledge, attitudes and skills. This comprehensive and tailored approach ensures that high and low risk drivers are identified and receive the most effective training.

RED trains their own instructors to the accredited DVSA Fleet Trainer standard which ensures that any in-car training is delivered to a consistently high quality.

The fleet driver training is available nationwide for a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to multinational corporations across any industry. RED even offers vocational training such as taxi, delivery or minibus driving.

There are approximately four million fleet or company cars in the UK and companies with five or more employees are required to implement a policy on corporate drivers.

Directors have a duty of care to employees and are liable for any accidents so comprehensive fleet driver training can reassure companies that their drivers are as safe as they can be on the roads.

Ian McIntosh, CEO of RED Driving School, says: “A comprehensive fleet driver training program can add value to a business that far outweighs the investment in training.

“These new developments give us the capability and capacity to provide to companies large and small throughout the country.

“As staff are safer, more efficient drivers and businesses can expect to see fewer accidents and damage to vehicles, which in turn reduces the number of claims and the cost of insurance premiums.

“Vehicle upkeep and maintenance costs are also lower. Not to mention reduced stress levels and increased confidence for drivers and managers alike.”

RED Driving School is proud to unveil this comprehensive offering, from end-to-end for fleet driving training with bespoke packages to suit any business’ needs.


For further information on the services, please contact the fleet driver training team on or 01642 373 389.

For media enquiries, please contact Lauren Probert at The PHA Group on or 0207 0251 350.