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4 August, 2018

Ever wondered about the best time to take your driving test?

This week, launched an interactive calendar to help learners pick the best day to book their driving test. This is good news for anyone getting behind the wheel this month as it has been revealed that August is the best month to take your test!

The calendar is based on research from and uses driving test pass rates from over the last five years from the DVSA. It shows some pretty interesting stats!

The 4th of August is the best day to take your test, with more than 50% of drivers passing. Meanwhile, 39.5% of drivers failed on Boxing Day, making it the worst day of the year. Too many Christmas eggnogs, perhaps?

Mondays were shown to be the best day of the week, while 3pm – 4pm was prime time for passing. According to the stats learners should stay away from Sundays, as it’s the worst day of the week based on pass numbers nationwide.

The piece also highlights Golspie in the Scottish Highlands as having an impressive 76.7% pass rate – the highest in the UK. In fact, Scotland took the top four spots!

It looks like bigger cities mean tougher tests, as just 30% of drivers passed their test at The Pavillion in Birmingham, and a whopping 75% of learners failed at Yeading in London! Nearly 30,000 drivers took their test at Goodmayes in London, making it the busiest centre, but only 38.5% passed.

Maybe it’s luck, or maybe taking your test on Monday 4th August at 3pm in Scottish Highlands will increase your chances of passing, but we think the best way to boost your chance of passing is to take the road seriously, use all the tools available and practice, practice, practice.

Check out the calendar here! pass rates and dates