Book Online
4 April, 2017


RED Driving School, in partnership with San Francisco tech firm, Wishful Thinking, today announces the first ever driving test pass in a driverless car.

RED’s top driving Instructor, Justin Thyme confirmed that the 60 minute driving test took place at Palm Top Arizona and marks the start of a new generation of driver training for all.

Driving  the new Tesla thin air, the Hull teenager Anne Uled, who scored zero faults on the test said: “It was brilliant, I just had to turn up and start the car. I played my favourite video game – Grand Theft Auto for the first 45 minutes before moving on to have a nap.

“When I get back to the UK all I need to do to switch to a full UK driving licence is take a 45 minute test in a ‘normal’ car and I intend to do this as soon as I can!”

Ian McIntosh, RED’s CEO commented: “We’re grateful to the US authorities for allowing the test to go ahead, I’m a good friend of Donald Trump who I believe was able to pull a few strings to make this happen.”

Black RED driving school car